I’m a sold out woman of God who gave my life to Him back in 2000.  I love God and I love His people with hopefully all I have and all I have got.

I LOVE my life, my faith and my journey.  I’m upside down, back to front and far from perfect.  My past is colourful, messy and beautiful.  With all that has happened I am still an optimist, a glass half full sorta gal.  So herein lies that truth that my God indeed is a God of miracles!


Married to Glen who is my best friend, my biggest fan and my hugest supporter,  We work stuff out by bickering, loving, forgiving and chatting over a cuppa in the midst of the chaos.  It is a pleasure to serve Kings Church Bangor with him.

My 5 kids are everything to me.  They are my world, they keep my feet grounded, my heart full, my face smiling and put everything into perspective.

I love my sleep, coffee, a tasty meal with good friends, I love Hilden beer, reading, taking photos, I love dancing, watching a good box set, I love writing blogs, reading blogs and learning all I can.IMG_1268

Humble people inspire me, other mums encourage me, my family love me and my friends are so important to me.

Don’t have much time for gossips, mean critics or judgemental people. I hate injustice, oppression, debt, materialism, people feeling lonely, hopeless or sad. I also really hate long car journeys and close friends going away on trips.

I’m a Idealist.  Can you make a difference or change the world in 3 days?  I don’t know but I’ll give it a try.


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