The struggle is real – back to school fun.

The onslaught of getting five kids ready for school only began last week. I know all you parents who have been organised since June will have a twitch in your eye as you read this but I just couldn’t do it, my willpower is weak and I didn’t want the summer to end. It really has been one of the best yet                                                              . IMG_1284


We took it to the wire as usual.

Everyone was suited and booted with seconds to go before bedtime. The kids have every pencil they need, they have new shoes, hairs have been cut, our fridge is stocked with the lunchables, munchables and the drinkables, we have labelled, we have packed and together as one, ‘that time’ has been decided.
Just like the last seven years previous we all decide we must leave at 8.30am. This won’t last of course but will we try and as it gets later the shouting will become louder. The standard jokes from all who love me will resume.


Tomorrow is back to school day. This is a big year. Youngest beginning nursery. Oldest beginning P7. There will be moments of when I will be hard core crying and moments were I WILL watch Netflix at 10am. May even go for a nap. In this house, this has not happened in eleven years. Eleven years of a little person or little people being at home with me. I loved this time of course, I choose this time. I knew it wouldn’t last forever. Looking back now I remember it well and do not regret one minute. There were days however when I carried that cup of resentment towards those friends heading out to work with no reason to make toast in their day cut into triangles or had to change a nappy. Sometimes small seed of bitterness arose for us who got to have lunch without dinosaur making and volcano designing.


So, I am ready.

Every year I write whoever is going to school a letter. This year post shopping and before my therapy that was needed for after, I wrote them a few of my thoughts before they started school.


This year I thought I would share it here.

Dear Kids,
First of all let us each congratulate each other at being ready for tomorrow. We didn’t think on Wednesday it would happen but we pulled through. Well done. I am sorry this last week has been a little stressful, to be honest I had enough of the holidays and my mind and body was craving routine. I know at times this week you thought you were living with Cruella DeVil but order will be restored tomorrow I promise.

Thank you for the best summer yet though, we have had a blast and I will miss you.
Please don’t lose all your pencils or glue sticks by December. I would love this year if we could manage to keep some of what we bought just for a little while longer. Homework is always way more stressful if we can’t find a flipping pencil or glue stick – always a glue stick! Share of course, always share. Never ever see one of your friends stuck without anything. We always give people what we have and in school that is no different.

I am proud of each of you already, I am proud of what you are going to achieve this year. We love your school, we chose your school because we knew it was going to be the best and how right we were. We don’t get everything right, as you all know but this decision we did.

You know how we feel about the academic stuff (Noah this means all the school work) just do your best and the rest will work itself out. Listen to your teachers they care about you more than you think. They are for you and with you and they are as proud of you as we are (sometimes). Be kind to them. Be respectful always. The classroom doesn’t revolve around you. Sometimes you will have bad days and the work will seem too hard, other days you will nail it. Either way I will be here at home waiting to hear the good and the bad waiting to celebrate either way because that is life.

I am going to end with kindness but I should have started with that. I have known every type of person. Not kidding. The ones I still remember are the kind ones. This is a non-negotiable for you lovely ones, be kind always. Never ever be a person who is mean to others, I have had my fair share of those in my life and trust me it gets a long time to recover from those people so I have been praying since you entered this world that you would be kind people. Don’t make fun of anyone at any time – just don’t! Kids have a hard time, all of you, especially in school. Your friends are picked on, mocked and made fun of. They pretend they don’t care but they do. I want you to see them. This is the hard bit. Finding people to be kind to can be tricky. People who are lonely, sad and feeling that the world has forgotten them figure out how to not show their pain. I want you to simply find them and do that brave work of kindness “do you want to play’ or ‘do you want to sit beside me’ or ‘what are reading’ or ‘your picture looks amazing’
I want you to learn this now because it will change your life, start being kind now and you will always be kind. You will always see those who are hurting and left out which is exactly what Jesus did, God can always use people like this.

Lastly, be who you are. Be so brave in this. We think all five of you are spectacular and we are so glad that you are not the same. We have so much joy in that fact. Your humour, your passion, your stubbornness and your hearts are all so different. Each one of you dance to your own tune but make it a good tune, a dance which everyone wants to join in on. Remember our picture the one as you walk out the door ‘If you are always trying to be normal you will never know how amazing you will be’

So kids, all of you be kind to each other, look out for each other. I know maybe it’s not the cool thing to do to speak to your siblings in the corridor. Do it anyway.

This like every year is an adventure so lets have fun!

Love Mum.



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