Human kindness overflowing

‘Human kindness is overflowing and I think it’s going to rain today’thunder storm clouds (6 of 7)



Who remembers that song by Bette Midler or is it just me showing my age and dare I say my secret love for Bette.



Human Kindness overflowing and yet that picture of the rain. The good sitting with the bad.

The raining coming and still knowing the power of human kindness. This one line has been in my head for months and every time I sing it out it reminds me of kindness. How it comes its in many forms.

A look, a word, a conversation or just a smile.

We all know those days were it is all going wrong. Fights at home, conflict at work, speeding ticket that seemed unfair, the bills mounting up. But we also know what a look, a word, a conversation, a smile will do at the right time and we don’t even need to know the person. We know that feeling of a reciprocating smile and a kind hello. It means so much at the right time. That simplicity of eye contact, that moment of human kindness that is overwhelming and whether it ‘rains’ or not it doesn’t matter because all of sudden life doesn’t seem just so bad. We are built and designed to be loved and to love, to be known and to know.  We are built for connection with one another.

I have had the privilege over the years of church leadership to sit in a few conflict situations. Where we have sat with individuals, couples or teams and helped them see both sides. Where we have allowed both sides to listen and both sides to talk. We have also been the ones on the other side in that conflict situation wanting and needing the wisdom from an outsider. Both have been precious times.

In every conversation like this I can say that kindness is needed, kindness is required.

Kindness is always needed and is always required. leaf

You see people everywhere burdened by the trials of what life throws. Let’s be better at offering hope. Extending our love to the stranger. Be that person who offers kindness, who works hard at loving people.  Lets ask ourselves how can we love people best? How can we walk into a situation and be the first to offer kindness?

Being the first to smile, the first to offer the hand shake. Getting rid of that fear of rejection in the hope of offering hospitality. Bring light to where people are feeling the most darkest and the most hopeless. sun and treesjune 2015 201

Our world is so fractious and we are focused busy people keeping our head down and getting to where we need to get to. Let’s change that, lets rewrite a different story. What would it look like in our neighbourhoods, in our families and our workplaces? In our communities, our government and in our system if we practised the art of kindness.  What would it look like on social media – how can we the best version of ourselves even when we are unseen. I loved this post that I saw on Facebook recently.

It got me thinking about how I can be kind and joy filled to all. The knowledge that everyone has a story always pushes me on to love better and love kinder and sometimes knowing full well if I knew their full story it would change how I act every time. Everyone is fighting a battle right? If we lived with a response of kindness and love could we bring freedom and joy? Mustard seeds moments of hope.

You may call me a naïve mama from Bangor but I am more and more convinced that love, kindness enables the art of listening and give us a deeper understanding of who we are sitting opposite. If we lay down our desires, our wants, our needs and our agendas.

Photo credit – to the lovely Ruth Kelly :-



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