I Am Enough, Part II

I wanted to share this post because it’s beautiful just like its writer. I love the honesty, the real ness and the inspiration and challenge that comes with it. Thank you Gemma x

Part II (read first post here)

I was interviewing a designer friend recently about how difficult it is to come up with an idea that is your entirely your own. Is that even possible?

Tim McClellan learned this the hard way when he designed a piece of furniture that made him the winner in Ellen DeGeneres’ new show Ellen’s Design Challenge. Unfortunately for him, it was later discovered that the piece was his work, but not his idea; someone in Germany had created it. We can assume that Tim had simply copied the work, or we can allow him the benefit of the doubt and believe him when he says that his subconscious picked up the idea when browsing a design blog. Some of my musician friends have come up against this in their field: the old five-consecutive-note rule is a killer.

We are bombarded with images, words, ideas…

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