The gods have unprecedented access

This week I drove to Belfast to visit a friend for coffee and normally when I get time alone in the car with no kids I stick a podcast on and shout my ‘Amen’ and my ‘very goods’.

This time there was silence.

Silence because I had never heard something so good on this subject. The Holy Spirit was very much speaking deep into my heart. There were no amens, only a nodding of my head as I realised this was the culture that we are in. I was very late for my friend, but thankfully forgiveness prevailed. I was listening to her husband after all – so she showed me mercy.

You can listen to it here I urge you to do so!

I have a very much love hate relationship with my phone and all that it carries.

I am a lover of technology. After all here I am writing a blog into cyber space about a talk I listened to through a podcast. I love the information that Twitter gives me and I love the handiness of being able to catch up emails and texts in moments that I can. After long conversations with others I decided to go back on to Instagram again after a long break but it is on a short leash and I am aware of the weaknesses in me that allows the ‘gods unprecedented access’.

But I do have a love hate relationship with my phone and all that it carries.

It can steal my joy, it can change my mood. It can be my biggest distraction and the greatest distract-er. It can rob time away from those I love and value the most.

It can have the power to keep me awake and put me to sleep.

I am who I am because of the Living God and I know when I am being pulled in the other direction by those things that seek to distract and destroy my peace. I know in these moments I need to put all that I can in place to ensure my pathways are only of God’s word, His will and His way. Truth be told, I know am subject to those other pathways being made, to those opinions having more power over me than what is the truth. It can be unsettling to my walk, my path. So I have put things in place already but this talk, this wisdom that I listened to not only made me understand what seeks to destroy but it equipped me with practical solutions to conquer and destroy habits that are comforting and familiar but oh so dangerous.

Jesus died to set me free, He died so that I may know true freedom. The only habit, the only daily ritual I want to be maintained and contended for in my life, is the daily walk I have at seeking His face because then I know who I really am.


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