Oh for the love of routine and change.

phone 133

This morning I waved goodbye to the kids as they went back to school after their Easter break.  It was funny how my wave turned to a joyful punching of the air and then a wee jig danced as I closed the front door.  Don’t get home wrong I adore my kids, I love the different rhythm of holiday time and this Easter was fun filled but I was all done with the outings, crafted out and fun mama Mitchell needed a break. I am also a stickler for the love of routine.  The gentle rhythm of up early, school runs, tidying, cleaning, cooking, playing with the boys and time to catch up on ‘my’ stuff and have ‘my‘ friends round.  Holiday time doesn’t allow for that.  Its busy, it’s full on, its messy, it’s exhausting, it’s so much fun and routine is nowhere to be found.  I like it. You learn to be selfless all the more.   So yes I loved watching my three little ones leave for a day of school. Hooray!                                                                                                                                                                                phone 101

This weekend saw a change to Kings, we moved from one service to two.  It was so exciting. We have praying and seeking God for this for a while and now the day was here. I loved it on Sunday.  Being with a group of committed people who were buzzing about serving, going the extra mile, happy to help and be part of Gods kingdom coming to Kings as it is in heaven.  It always and never ceases to gladden my heart being part of a community like Kings that you get to be with family, who do whatever it takes to make it right on the day.  I love people, not just because they serve but because it feels that no matter how imperfect we are, we are in this together.  What God is going to do through this move we have no idea but it is all for Him and because of Him.

phone 150

As a family the weeks leading up to it of course were at times tough.  I am not one to see the enemy behind every corner or under every stone but the weeks leading up to it for me was a battle.  And one I was not prepared to lose.  My mind, my emotions, my feelings even physically I was hit and I felt hard pressed on every side.  I was stressed and not that fun to be with at times.  With the kids being off that meant being all that I had to be for them, until bedtime and then crashing.  Battling with anything in your mind is exhausting and not something you want to do in isolation – easier said than done in my experience.  So I got people to pray when I couldn’t, I kept short accounts with myself and God and others around me.  I trusted friends with my honesty, my turmoil and my ungracious ways. I praised when I felt like crying.  I cried when I wanted to praise.  I trusted at all times in the living God and wanted only to do anything in this all that gives Him glory and at times got that wrong.  We got through it, even when we all got sick I prayed and declared healing over each of us and was not prepared for anything less. God healed miraculously.  Friends prayed for sleep, peace, wisdom, grace, skill and integrity and in these times I wonder how people get through life without God.

Of course it didn’t last forever and even when I felt silence I never felt absence.  God was faithful, bringing answers to prayers, provision of people and resources even in the midst of my mess.

Even last night when Glen and I went out with Patrick to Belfast – which was amazing to be in the buzz of a city and its people – I saw Gods goodness and kindness in our chats, laughter, generosity and treats. I saw God in His provision to have a mum in law and a mum to look after the tribe from 5pm. And as we sat in a small pub at the very end of the night that smelt of peat, a couple playing a harp and ulian pipes, drinking a twisted hop and there as I thanked God and Glen called me an old romantic I realised that yes God is good all the time and all the time God is good.

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