A time of doubts, certainty and a big dose of reality.

The start of a year may well bring hope, decisions and maybe a sense of anticipation of what is going to happen over the next twelve months.  There are probably more blogs and tweets written on the cusp of the New Year than any other time for sure.  I don’t mind that, actually I like to hear others thoughts and reflections, their hopes and dreams especially from people I admire.  It’s nice to read, it’s good to be inspired.

In 2013 I learned a lot and grew a fair bit. This is certainly a year to look back on with the same measure of affection and sadness.  What did I learn? I learned that realness is good and ok.  I learned to doubt in darkness and turn my face to heaven and wonder safely and without shame ‘God, heavenly Father where the heck are you in all of this?’ In these moments I am so thankful for the good friends God has given me in my life- to not speak, or to comfort, or to even explain but to let the tears flow and stand in that moment with me and let me ‘freak out’ a bit.  These people are like diamonds in the rough.  I am very thankful for each of them.  I also grew in the knowledge that my faith is not something to be scoffed at or to hide in the moments of fear but to stand boldly and know that even though I don’t have it altogether and sorted out but that Jesus has a plan for my life, He wants me to realise and walk in the full potential that I am a daughter of the King and the beauty about this plan it is not all about me!  I can still say with confidence and assurance that God is good all the time even if my feelings need to catch up I know and I am certain that God is good!

He has to be – He is sovereign.

We are as a real as it comes when it comes to the Mitchell way and it may be to some an unorthodox way of leading a church or a family but you only have to look at God’s word or watch ‘The Bible’ on TV and you will see you only need one qualification and that is to know your life is for a purpose and Jesus died so we may live and have full knowledge that He has chosen you to be in His family, to become an heir, a son or daughter of the King of Kings.  If you come to our house for an afternoon and you will see reality.  You will see love without a doubt, you will also see a family who love being with each other, and who laugh a good bit especially at ourselves, who are also working out how to be forgiving, kind and loving through the arguments and fights. You will also see us trusting in Jesus for every aspect of our lives.  You will see us asking our heavenly Father for all that we need.  We don’t need to keep telling our kids about Jesus or how the Holy Spirit works in us or to ‘brain wash’ them – they see it anyway, they see their parents trusting and loving a God who sees the mess, who sees us getting it wrong but uses us all the time, every time.    They will see parents who see a broken tired world and know that only Jesus can come and bring hope, and He chooses to do that through us and we have full confidence in that.  They see the joy of watching us talking to and about a God who reaches down to us and redeems all things broken and brings love through Jesus.   They don’t need to be told about Jesus.

He is right here in the midst of all that we do and are.

We do our best to lead the church the same, a broken imperfect community who want to see Jesus break into the community we live in and bring hope, love and faith.  God forbid if we ever walk with an arrogance that we have it all sorted.  I walk into my day, every day with the full knowledge that I am not perfect but through the cross and through that amazing story of God’s redemption I can walk freely and when I walk into many situations I carry Christ in me who is the hope of glory.  Imagine if we all walked like this! The boldness to pray for those we know, love and others we come in contact with.  Sickness healed, chains broken, hope restored!

Get to know the Kings of kings as someone who is for you, not there to knock you down or condemn but to restore you, love you and accept you.

A Father who has a destiny and a plan for your life.  You won’t be disappointed.



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