Half term fun.

Over half term we had the joy to redeem a very thoughtful and lovely birthday present my family got me back in May.

The Mitchell family40

We had the joy of Aly Harte coming with us on a family outing to take photos of our tribe.  It was a very special and momentous day for lots of reasons but I wanted to share just two or three of the absolute cracker photos she took that morning.  There are more, way more but they’re for many walls in my house!

This girl has talent.  Aly and I have been friends for years and the only sad thing about our friendship is that I don’t see her enough.  Her realness of being a mum to two boys, married to a great guy and being a woman of great talent and gifting she is forever inspiring me.  We frequently share the highs and lows of this amazing balancing act called motherhood! She is a great woman to have around anytime and I would without shame recommend her for any wedding or ‘photo’ day.  Check out her website, check out her blog.  You won’t be disappointed!  (http://alymcloughlinharte.com)

Most of the kids don’t mind getting their photo taken apart from Abigail! So we really didn’t know how it was going to go down.  Absolutely nothing to fear.  Aly was a natural, she made everyone feel at ease and it was all very unobtrusive.  Even Glen had fun!

The Mitchell family7

 Cheeky grin from the tree

Mount Stewart has many special memories for me and we frequently go here as a family and with friends.  Its lovely and it just screams of God’s amazing and awesome creation.  Each season is so wonderful in its own way and I have to say no matter what the season, Mount Stewart never gets dull.The Mitchell family27

Autumn is my all time favourite season.  The colours, the changes, the wonder of how God can make things so very beautiful! Amazing.

We had many laughs on this morning, we all had a ball.  We relaxed, we laughed, we chatted and most of all I got amazing photos of the six most favourite, most important people in my world!