A hero of mine

Today My little sister turned 33! Happy birthday to her!  I want to tell you a bit about her; she is a hero of mine and I am not sure she knows it.

Emily and I grew up in the same fun loving family as each other but after five minutes of being in the room with the two of us you will see we are completely different.  I totally celebrate and embrace those differences today and every day.

Emily is a hero of mine because not everyone knows things about her that I do, and not everyone has seen us stick with each other through major tragedies and major triumphs .  She is a person who has never left my side through the bad break ups and the tears. She held my hand through child birth and she held my hair back during the wild days.  She stood beside me as a friend and a sister when I married the man she loved like her own brother.  She is my hero.

Oh we have had our fights and they haven’t just been arguments with words! We have shouted, walked out, cried and lashed out.  It never lasts long, it can’t we are too miserable when we fight. She knows me better than anyone and when I say she would lay her life down for me, I truly mean she would lay her life down for me. She has been with me through all my babies, she has taken them when they haven’t slept, she has cried with me and at me when I have been hurt and wounded. She is fiercely protective and loyal so funny enough I have now learnt the filtered versions of some events are most helpful for all concerned.

You see she is a hero of mine, she gave her life to Jesus not long after me but her walk hasn’t been easy.although it has been amazing too!  She has battled heroically with long term mental illness, disappointments, sick kiddies, broken relationships, death and loss.  She is a hero of mine because she is perhaps one of the most selfless people I know and if you don’t know her, I reckon you are missing out!

Emily today I celebrate you, I thank you and my friend I salute you!

An old photo of the good old days!mail.google.com


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