Change is good right?

The Mitchell house has gone through a lot of change recently, some of this change has been good, really good, some of it has been tougher than we thought and some of it has been just been darn right hard.

September we hit the ground running! The girls went back to school and that in itself was a change for them with new classrooms, new teachers, and new work. A slightly rocky start for each of them but they are into a groove now and loving once more being back in the world of Bloomfield Primary.

For Joel and me it was all new, he started P1 and I started my Diploma. He, like me, had first day nerves and as I watched him set off into the classroom with his little bag on his back I never been so thankful for those precious 4 years of time with him.  It was another bitter sweet moment in parenting, a moment of thankfulness that I had him at home for all this time but thankful that he was going to school.  Entertaining a 4 coming 5 year old boy was a daunting task some days!

For me back doing my Diploma was so good, back learning what I am passionate about.  Back into counseling mode and being with ‘big’ people is definitely a positive thing. I, of course, miss my babies like mad and the time between tea and bed time seems so short, but it is only once a week and Glen seems to do ‘daddy day care’ very well – dare I say better than me some days!

I recently saw another beautiful change and that was seeing a precious and amazing friend give her life to Jesus.  She experienced His love and His life giving power.  She is living what Glen preached about on Sunday – that knowing Jesus does not mean the absence of trouble but peace in the midst of it. I am proud to call this girl my friend and she is a precious, precious daughter of the King and I am honoured and humbled to know her and I can’t wait to see what God is going to do in her life.  That is one change I am thankful that I got to watch happen.

As we all know change isn’t always good and tougher changes have happened which aren’t really worth focusing on or dwelling on, but knowing God is always the one we rely on then it makes them easier to get through.  I was reminded of what we used to sing in South Africa when we visited many years ago; ‘God is good all the time, and all the time God is good’

Another change happening to us ‘O’Rorkes’ is that we are working through our beautiful granny having Alzheimer’s and changing every day.  It is a tough path and not one I like or want.  I look in her eyes all the time willing her to be the way she was. Talk normal, remember my kids, remember the memories. You see she was my friend, my memory maker, my granny and a huge part of my life.  She was a granny who was 100% interested and I loved – I was still having sleepovers at hers at the age of 25! She was a huge part of my childhood and I am so thankful for that.

Of course, remind me of this the next time I make fun of my sister always visiting my mum’s – I do now have a different perspective on this. I see this time as my kids making their memories of their grandparents and their childhood.  I am so thankful that my parents were as close as they were to my granny (and granddad – he died 8yrs ago) and I need to think about this the next time they say pleeeeeeeease can we go to Nana and Granddads house!  I am so glad at this time that we are only around the corner and I need to grasp this with both hands and appreciate the time I have with my family.

That night as we cleared out her beautiful, granny smelling home we each had our own memories – the ticking clock, the slotted spoon and the whiskey glasses all brought me back 30yrs. My sister and I chose those things to take home to remember her by but we would have given it all back just to have one more day with her.  I remember standing after my auntie had told me my granny had left a ring for me and I cried because it hurt so much and I would have done anything, anything to have her back making me fried eggs in her kitchen.

It is just ‘things’ in the end and my granny, happy as she is in the nursing home has no idea at all what she did or didn’t have.

So Iris O’Rorke I dedicate this blog to you…. Thank you for giving me, Glenn, Emily, Aaron and Keith the template of how a granny should be.  I wish with all my heart you could remember the times like we can.  I wish you could remember the Christmas days, the sleepovers, the lunches out, the laughter, the singing,  the caravan fun, the letters we wrote you, the soup you made, the love that you had for each of us unconditionally.  We will keep telling you about them because they are engraved in our hearts.  You see maybe one day something will remind you that you have a family that love you and miss you so much that it hurts.  Maybe you won’t ever remember again but that’s ok, it’s our turn now to look after you.

Some change is good, some change has to happen and some change is just darn right hard.


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