Our cat Audrey


Tonight we said good bye to our cat Audrey.  She was never ours to keep and we have known for a long time that we were going to be saying goodbye to her but that didn’t make tonight any easier.  Certainly not for the 4 little ones who loved, cared and squashed this kitten with as much love as they possibly could.

Saying goodbye is never easy.

Joel my 4 yr old held it together pretty well until Audrey left and then safe in his daddy’s arms his wee heart broke.  He sobbed and I was proud of him, he cried because he knew he would miss her, he knew she wouldn’t scratch his toes in the morning.  He cried because he knew saying goodbye is never easy.  I was proud of him because he could tell us why he was sad, I was proud because he wasn’t ashamed of crying over a kitten and as he sobbed I silently prayed God may he never lose this lovely gift of expressing sadness and grief.  I was proud of my son tonight.

It is hard to say goodbye and as my beautiful kids get bigger, sadness will come and they will experience grief, I hope through special moments like this and assuring them all the way that they understand that sadness is ok and crying is good.  May we never as parents under estimate their feelings, thoughts and emotions.

Every day it feels is a teaching moment with these precious lives.

Audrey to some (including Glen!) was just a cat but to 4 little people with real emotions she was what got them downstairs in the morning, she is what they showed when their bedroom became all brand new, she is what made them fight over who was next to hold her.  Saying goodbye to her was never going to be easy.

I know that Joel is going to bed tonight with that horrible feeling in his stomach that something in his world is not just right.  He will be sad in the morning when she isn’t here but tonight I am proud of him and I’m praying as he grows to be a man he won’t lose that sense that expressing his emotions is ok.  In the morning we will pick him up and tell him it is ok to be sad.

He knows she has gone to a good home; in fact she has gone to an amazing home! She has gone to someone who was looking for a black and white female kitten.  Audrey has been renamed Pixie and her new owner is madly in love with her already. For Joel he knows that he is part of Audrey’s journey from a very sick feral kitten to a healthy kitten and we have reassured him this won’t be the last time something like happens (if my track record is anything to go by!).

This was a good experience for our kidlets, saying goodbye is never easy after all.


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