As for me and my house…

 I began to think about writing this blog not long after the New Year and just after I began to think of my ‘word for the year’ that would convey my ‘resolution’ for 2013. 

 I truly didn’t think I would be able to think of a word that I wanted to hang on to and look back on and reflect on.  I began to pray and ask God how I could summon up a word that is for my future year rather than the year to come.  It was tricky.  It was something I wanted to get right.


Believe is what I came up with and as I began to write about this word I realized that this word meant more than I initially thought.

 Here are some of my ramblings……….

I believe that my Lord, my God and my Saviour is real and actually loved me enough to save me not just that I may live forever and spend eternity in heaven but I AM here to do something.  He has a plan and a purpose for me that is exciting, challenging, and is the very best for me  and his purpose for me is to see people restored, renewed and brought into His kingdom for His glory and His glory alone. I believe that He will use me in all my failings.  I believe that He has planned to use me from the beginning of time. I believe that as I love, worship, follow Him He will indeed show me every step.

I believe that I will not remain or stay the same and the character and the attitude I long for will indeed be worked out in me. He who has started a good work in me will come to pass.

In saying this I also believe that there are qualities, characteristics, wisdom and holiness in me that He has refined. The last 13yrs I have been good enough to serve Him as King and His Kingdom.  I believe that I am a person and a child of God that is unashamedly sold out to pursue His glory in my life.

I believe that I am a good wife chosen to love and serve alongside a man who God has chosen to lead His church and accompany me in my race.  I believe that even though I am indeed chief of sinners God has given me a man who I can work all this out with and become more like Him because of him.  I believe.

I believe this year that I can be the best daughter (in law), best sister (in law), best auntie, best friend and all my foibles, insecurities and habits can be changed.  I believe. I believe as I seek to Love with His love my heart will be renewed and changed.

I believe that I am the best mum for each of my beautiful 5 kids and I believe that yes I am worthy of this blessing.  I no longer have to keep thinking when is it going to go pear shaped??  I believe that God gives me the best all the time.  I believe that God hears my prayers, cries and wipes away the tears of my prayers for His children that He has given me. 

I believe, I truly believe that things don’t have to remain the same in my life, my friend’s lives, my family’s lives and the church that we serve who we pray and petition for.I believe that we can be a generation who seek the lost, heal the broken, love the marginalized and change lives…. Why do I believe this?

Because I love and serve a God who has chosen me to believe that I will see this and I can be part of this…..